Aangan Episode 27 – Last Episode | HUM TV Drama

Aangan Episode 27 HUM TV Drama – Last Episode | 27 June 2019

Drama serial Aangan HUM TV Drama ended without any fanfare which surely is ironic considering how hyped up this show was before it aired. It was a classical example of perfect marketing but complete lack of substance. This drama also proved that no amount of star power can make up for a dodgy script and sloppy execution. Aangan’s last few episodes were relatively better and gave hope that it might end on a decent note but the ending was just as abrupt and disappointing as this HUM TV Drama as a whole. Out of these 27 episodes, only 6 of them were actually worth watching. The rest of the Aangan Episode 27 HUM TV Drama right from the get-go was unimpressive and shallow, to say the least.

Aangan HUM TV Drama Final Remarks!

Aangan HUM TV Drama had to be one of the most meaningless dramas this year and the way it ended basically showed that even the makers had no clue what they wanted from this ending. Even the best of dramas sometimes don’t have good endings but sometimes a good, logical ending can make up for a weak storyline overall. That was most certainly not the case with Aangan HUM TV Drama. HUM obviously thought that investing in star power would ensure viewership and perhaps get them appreciation as well but viewers are not fools. Even if I had watched Aangan with absolutely no expectations, it would have been impossible to continue watching it.

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