Bulbulay Season 2 Episode 10 Promo | ARY Digital Drama

Bulbulay 2 is a 2019 Pakistani sitcom which is about an unconventional family. It is a successor to the first Bulbulay. The show airs on ARY Digital in Pakistan. The show is directed by Rana Rizwan, written by Saba Hassan and is produced by Nabeel Zafar. It starts airing from 4 June 2019 every Sundays. Watch Bulbulay Season 2 Episode 10 Promo Below!

Bulbulay Season 2 Episode 10 Promo | ARY Digital Drama!

The Ultimate Laughing Riot is back again with more fun and comedy than ever before with Bulbulay season 2 having new situations, new interactions, new instances, and new consequences.

Related: Khoobsurat from Bulbulay season 2 has a special message for you!. The entire family’s favorite, Bulbulay season 2 features the talented, Nabeel Zafar.

The Bulbulay season 2 family shifts to the new house. When Momo and Khoobsurat entered the house, there were two strange people who lived in the house. Momo and Khoobsurat thought they were robbers. They told Nabeel and Mehmood Sahab. Nabeel. Mehmood Sahab and Momo then knocked out the strange people. Then a person told them that those two people were knaves who didn’t give the rent of the house. They were very dangerous people. Watch Bulbulay season 2 Episode 10!


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