Bulbulay Season 2 Episode 9 21st July 2019 | ARY Digital Drama

Bulbulay Season 2 Nabeel has been disowned by his own father for his care-free attitude. Nabeel is provided accommodation by his friend Ahmar and his problems are being solved by Mahmood. Who is living as a tenant of Nabeel, on the property of Ahmar? Watch Bulbulay Season 2 Episode 9 below!

Bulbulay Season 2 Episode 9 21st July 2019!

The Ultimate Laughing Riot is back again with more fun and comedy than ever before with Bulbulay season 2 having new situations, new interactions, new instances, and new consequences. Related: Khoobsurat from Bulbulay season 2 has a special message for you. The entire family’s favorite, Bulbulay season 2 features the talented, Nabeel Zafar.

Bulbulay season 2 Cast:

Nabeel Hina Dilpazeer Mehmood Aslam Ayesha Omar and others.

Bulbulay season 2 Written By Saba Hasan

Bulbulay season 2 Directed By Rana Rizwan


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