Dar Khuda Se Episode 6 Story All you need to know!

Dar Khuda Se Episode 6 was again decent. The major issue with Anjum Shehzad’s directed dramas is the pace. This is the pattern that I have seen in almost all of the dramas directed by him where he takes things forward so slowly that you’re never given much to discuss or talk about in Dar Khuda Se Episode 6. This is Sarwat Nazeer’s script, it is bound to be basic & simple with a lot of focus on human emotions & their circumstances that cloud their judgments, but it was Anjum Shehzad’s approach that would’ve taken it to another level. I still do enjoy watching it & look forward to it every week. but the pace of this drama is very slow & isn’t helping much.

Dar Khuda Se Drama Episode 6 Story All you need to know!

In Dar Khuda Se Episode 6 Azhar got married & no surprised there, he started dancing on Shehla’s tunes. Azhar is like that spoiled brat who despite being aware of his family’s financial condition asks for his wants & demands to be met in Dar Khuda Se Drama. Azhar planned on a proper Valima function & even though he knew that his father won’t be able to afford it, he wanted him to get the amount he had been saving for Afreen’s wedding in Dar Khuda Se Drama. Shehla is doing all of what was expected from her, she is going to be your typical evil bahu & bhabhi plus Azhar is going to be act selfishly & he won’t be able to maintain a balance between his family & his wife, that’s for sure.

Afreen and her support system for her parents!

Afreen is the only sane one in this entire lot of siblings in Dar Khuda Se Episode 6. She has proved to be a support system for her parents every step of the way in Dar Khuda Se Drama. Afreen has no dreams in her life that will drive her to be selfish, she just wants to do everything to make her parent’s happy & she has been doing just that. Afreen’s father can not stop praising her as well as feeling indebted to her for all that she does. Afreen’s father had an accident & Azhar & Shehla were just indifferent. Yes, Azhar did try to be a little empathetic but that’s all that he could offer & nothing more than that in Dar Khuda Se Drama.

Tamkeen’s one-dimensional character & her petty mentality!

I am getting tired of Tamkeen’s one-dimensional character & her petty mentality in Dar Khuda Se Episode 6. I am sure this character wouldn’t have looked so lifeless & bizarre if the pace of the drama had been a little better & she was given some better dialogues that didn’t just revolve around Afreen’s makeup & job in Dar Khuda Se Drama!

Dar Khuda Se Episode 6 Shahwez’s wife cheating!

Shahwez’s wife picked up on the fact that he was cheating on her but she chose not to confront him in Dar Khuda Se Episode 6. Even though she gave him enough hints but maybe she fears being left alone, that is why she just let it slide without making an issue about it in Dar Khuda Se Drama. This behavior of Shahwez’s wife allows him to do what he feels like without bothering about the fact that he is being disloyal to her. Gul thought hiring male servants was enough but she has no idea that he will find himself plenty of options outside the vicinity of his home in Dar Khuda Se Drama.

in Gul has her own complexes & even though she has found out the truth, she feared to confront Shahwez because she is well aware of the fact that she is not an ideal match to him & he can anytime leave her. Gul is definitely undermining the fact that Shahwez won’t leave her because he has gotten used to the luxuries & the lifestyle this marriage has provided him but then Gul hasn’t thought about that just yet. Shahwez still hasn’t been able to take Afreen out of his mind & he will surely create problems for her in the future.

Dar Khuda Se Episode 6 Overall Story!

Overall, Dar Khuda Se Drama is a decent watch but I feel it’s a high time for the real story to kick start. I can already feel that my patience is being tested. The direction overall is pretty decent without much flaws or lack of attention to details but it’s just that the pace of this drama is coming across as the biggest flaw of this drama. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Dar Khuda Se!


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