Hania Episode 20 | 13th July 2019 | ARY Digital Drama

The word ‘Divorce’ has a stigma attached to it in our society. ARY Digital’s ‘Hania’ revolves around the journey of a girl who faces marital abuse, and wants to be free from the marriage, but is afraid of facing the wrath of the society. Zoya Nasir as Hania is a girl who is innocent and full of life. In Hania ARY Digital Drama, She belongs to a middle-class family. Junaid Khan as Junaid is a handsome and arrogant guy. He belongs to a rich family. Watch Hania Episode 20 below!


Hania Episode 20 | 13th July 2019 | ARY Digital Drama

Hania and Junaid get married, and Hania faces physical and emotional abuse after the marriage. Osama Tahir as Rohan is Hania’s cousin who went to study in London. His parents start looking for his proposals after his return. Ahsan Talish plays Waqar and Alizeh Gabol plays Sumbul. Waqar is friends with Rohan’s parents. Sumbul is his daughter who is a strong-headed girl and lives her life her own way in Hania ARY Digital Drama. She eventually gets engaged to Rohan.

Ghana Ali as Maira is the younger sister of Hania and is opposite to her sister. She is straightforward and outspoken. Waseem Abbas plays Ahsan and Ismat Jamal plays Jameela. Ahsan and Jameela are the parents of Hania and Maira. Firdous Jamal plays Fareed and Atiqa Odho plays Saira. Fareed and Saira are the parents of Rohan in Hania ARY Digital Drama. Fareed is the step-brother of Ahsan, Hania’s father. Nayyar Aijaz as Vohra is the father of Junaid. He is a highly corrupted man involved in various illegal activities.

Hania ARY Digital Drama is Written By Doorway Entertainment and Directed By Qasim Ali Mureed

Hania ARY Digital Drama Cast:

Junaid Khan
Zoya Nasir
Osama Tahir
Ghana Ali
Nayyer Aijaz
Waseem Abbas
Ismat Jamal
Ahsan Talish
Alizeh Gabol
Firdous Jamal
Atiqa Odho
Salman Saeed

Hania Every Thursday at 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM, only on ARY Digital.

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