Kun Faya Kun Episode 5 all you need to know!

This episode of Kun Faya Kun was completely opposite to what was shown in the preview last week. It seems the preview was misleading & whatever they showed in last week’s preview will be happening in the next episode. After watching this episode, I now get why they deceived the viewers because there wasn’t much that happened in this episode other than showing the mindset of Mashal & how she continued to blame everything on her luck.

Mashal is struggling emotionally & spiritually!

Mashal is struggling emotionally & spiritually. Mashal has lived a life which is not so ideal according to her own perspective. Mashal is immature that is why she compares her life to that of Bisma & Areesha’s, which is why she always feels she falls short on everything in Kun Faya Kun. I know Mashal’s mental & emotional growth will be shown in the future episodes, but for once I feel it would’ve been nice to hear her being thankful for something. I know she has acknowledged the fact quite a lot because of Appa Jee, she feels secure but other than that, she struggles. I will, however, say that Mashal’s character is a depiction of each one of us. We always hit such emotional rock bottoms every now & then where we question why we are being subjected to something that is unfavorable or not according to our plans. In the scene where I saw Mashal sitting on the side of the road, cursing her life & her circumstances, it seemed very relatable because many times, every single human being feels that way. Each one of us goes through this emotional journey filled with ups & downs where we are unable to see the bigger picture.

Mashal found herself in an unfavorable situation!

Mashal found herself in an unfavorable situation in this episode of Kun Faya Kun. She could not make it to her home on her own & when she sat there, uncertain, she continued to blame herself for the misfortune she has always experienced. Mashal’s character, though one-dimensional is still very real & relatable. I like that they have also focused a lot on her age because it does complete the entire picture & shows that even bringing yourself to truly have complete faith in Allah also requires experience & maturity, which Mashal lacks at the moment. She is young, she is not mature enough to understand the bigger picture or see the light at the end of the tunnel. Even though Mashal is very patient, she has learned how to oppress her feelings & subside her desires but still, being a flawed human being, she continues to complain in Kun Faya Kun. Mashal’s emotional struggle & journey seems very realistic & has been executed brilliantly.

Kun Faya Kun Hashir came to rescue Mashal!

Hashir came to rescue Mashal but not only that, he tried to bring her out of this misery that she has kind of inflicted upon herself. Hashir tried hard to uplift Mashal, give her the confidence that she needs to face the world but for Mashal, she is not mentally prepared to even comprehend that she can achieve any of that. Mashal actually does see herself as a victim but then again, that is not her fault & this is going to be a journey of self-discovery & that was shown nicely. I really liked the way Hashir tried to ease her out but then he was also genuinely concerned that Mashal was quite faint-hearted. Appa Jee discussed her ordeals with Hashir, at least she knows that Hashir is the only one who will understand what Mashal goes through. It is nice to see that Hashir is so courteous towards both Appa Jee & Mashal. He not only feels for them but also respects them immensely.

Areesha tried to make a good impression on Armaan!

Areesha tried to make a good impression on Armaan but then again in Kun Faya Kun, both Faseeha & Shama could totally see what she was up to. Shama actually thinks Armaan is interested in Areesha but she has no idea that he is about to shake her world when he will tell her that he likes Mashal. Both Shama & Faseeha, though selfish & unreasonable are another truthful depiction of the society, where they are so busy in their lives, that they don’t even bother what others are going through. Shama & Faseeha are also one-dimensional & small-brained women who have actually destroyed the dynamics of the entire clan because of their egos & misjudgment. Armaan & Hashir try hard to make things work but then, Shama & Faseeha are never going to change in Kun Faya Kun. I am glad Bisma didn’t have many scenes, neither did Areesha but I liked that Hashir immediately told Bisma off for her wrong accusations.

The episode of Kun Faya Kun Overall Story!

Overall, this episode of Kun Faya Kun didn’t really do much but just shed a light on everything that Mashal goes through. She yearns for respect & love but then, Appa Jee knows that even this will not do anything for her. I loved the conversation where Appa Jee told her that she’ll pray for her but not for what Mashal wants, but for what Appa Jee thinks is right for her. It is Appa Jee’s wisdom that Mashal is unable to actually understand but then with time, she will continue to learn & then she will apply Appa Jee’s lessons in her life. It is a nice journey overall but then I am actually looking forward to some change which I am glad will happen in the next episode. This episode definitely belonged to Appa Jee, Mashal & Hashir & all the actors playing these characters were brilliant. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Kun Faya Kun.


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