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Nokia Safari Edge Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Edge: 12GB RAM, SnD 855

Welcome to a new combat today with two devices from leading brands in the technology industry: Nokia Safari Edge Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Edge with great 12GB RAM, SND 855. Scroll down to find the winner.

Nokia Safari Edge Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Edge specs

As we learned, Nokia Safari Edge Pro is a high-end edition of the Nokia Safari Edge. And Samsung Galaxy Edge is an impressive device with a gorgeous appearance and the dominant performance. regarding the display, the Nokia Safari Edge Pro specs come with 6.7-inch Super AMOLED with the resolution of 1780 x 2790 pixels. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Edge 2019 specs feature a large 6.55-inch Force Touch Edge screen with a Super 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels). Therefore, the Samsung phone wins this round.

Both these phones get power from Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. Furthermore, the Nokia phone reportedly packs crazy 12GB RAM and massive 512GB ROM (no card slot). Meanwhile, the Samsung device is going to arrive with 10GB/12GB RAM. Moreover, Samsung device sports 1TB ROM which might not be expandable this time. We’re going to give the Nokia handset one point thanks to its powerful RAM. However, the Samsung Galaxy Edge also deserves a point due to having such gigantic storage up to 1TB!

Nokia Safari Edge Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Edge

How about their cameras? Nokia Safari Edge Pro camera setup packs a triple 48MP+15MP+8MP sensors and a dual 28MP selfie lenses. Besides, Samsung Galaxy Edge rocks dual 41MP (f/1.5) + 20MP (F/1.7) snappers and there is a single 32MP (f/1.5). With better camera setup, the Nokia Safari Edge Pro takes back one point. Moreover, the Nokia phone carries a thrilling 7650mAh battery and fast-charging support while this figure in Samsung devices is a non-removable 5800mAh juice box. The Nokia handset gets another point in the battle. After all, it seems like the Nokia phone is our winner today! And how about the price? Let’s pop down to the next section.

Nokia Safari Edge Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Edge release date and price

The Samsung Galaxy Edge can arrive in the first quarter of 2020. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Edge price starts at $871 ~ Rs. 60, 000. In addition, the Nokia Safari Edge Pro release date is in late 2019. Concerning the cost, the Nokia Safari Edge Pro price should start at $700 ~ Rs. 49, 875. Which phone do you prefer?
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