Nokia Vitech 2020: Launch Date, Specs, Price & News

Nokia Vitech 2020: Launch Date, Specs, Price & News! So, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to talk about the latest mobile of Nokia named Nokia Vitech. As Nokia always maintain their class in every single mobile of them, so this mobile also includes all the latest technology and facility. What you are going to the vet with this mobile? to know that, you have to go to the spec section of this article. So here we share the release date first and then we will go for the specs and price.

Nokia Vitech 2020 Launch Date

The Nokia Vitech will get released between January-April, 2020. Though it’s not a huge amount of time left yet, so wait till the mobile arrives. After releasing the Nokia Vitech super-mobile, the Nokia company also try to brings their next smartphone of the “Vitech” Series and their expected name like Nokia Vitech Plus 2020, Nokia Vitech Mini 2020, Nokia Vitech Max Xtreme 2020, Nokia Vitech Compact 2020 or Nokia Vitech Max Pro 2020. If Nokia brings any of the above list phones, we write another single content for that smartphone. So, staying with us and every day visit our website.

Nokia Vitech 2020 Specs

Starting with the display. This mobile includes a 6.9-inch Super AMOLED with a 4K resolution of 2990 x 3690 pixels display. Hope you understand how much big it is. So obviously the big and large display will add great value when you will watch a movie or you will use it. As security is also a big issue, so you might be concern about that. That’s why this mobile includes Corning Gorilla Glass 7 protection.

Next, it’s time for the operating system. This mobile runs on the Android Q operating system. No matter what, you will get a perfect experience while using it.

Later we would like to talk about the processor. Honestly speaking, this mobile includes a very latest processor just like all the other phones of Nokia. The Nokia Vitech includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ cheapest.

Thinking about the RAM and ROM? Okay this mobile includes 8GB/ 10GB/ 12GB RAM for you. As you are getting three ROM in three different sizes, so you will be able to pick one according to your demand. Another important thing is the ROM. So the ROM is also available in 256GB/ 512GB. Pick the size which matches your demand. Most importantly if you need more, then you will able to expand the size up to 1TB by using the micro SD card.

Nokia Vitech 2020: Battery, Camera & Connectivity Info

As this mobile is full of latest specs, that’s why it actually includes a super large battery inside of it. Want to know about the battery? Okay, this mobile includes a 7000mAh juice box inside. Another thing is, the battery is available with a fast-charging facility.

Let’s talk about the camera. The thing is, the camera offers all the user-friendly options. So when you will capture pictures on it, you will do that with great comfort. The back camera includes 48MP primary lens, a 32MP ultra-wide sensor, and a 16MP. The front camera is also great. The front camera includes a 32MP lens. You click pictures, you go with the video call facility, in a word, do whatever you want, you will get a great experience.

This mobile includes all the latest facilities, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t include all the other common specs. Obviously you will get 4 G VoLTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, and so on. Use the Wi-Fi download whatever you want, use Bluetooth and transfer any data you want. In a word, enjoy your every moment.

Nokia Vitech 2020 Price

Comparing with all the other phones, the price is not so huge. Even it’s quite less comparing with all the other phones. What the price is? Nokia Vitech will charge only Rs. 60,620/$850.

So when it get released, buy it and get all the experience which you never even though of.