Nokia X2 2020

Nokia X2 2020: Launch Date, Specs, Price & News

Nokia X2 2020: Launch Date, Specs, Price & News! This article is for those who really want to use a super stylish mobile along with some latest specs. What this article contains? In this article, we are going to share the name and specs of a very latest mobile which is going to be launched by the great tech giant Nokia. Let’s just not make you wait. At first, we will share the release date, alter we will go for the specs and finally we will share the probable price.

Nokia X2 2020 Launch Date

The Nokia X2 2020, Nokia X2 Plus 2020, Nokia X2 Pro 2020 and Nokia X2 Pro Max 2020 are going to be released between May-August, 2020. We know that’s a bit too much for this very special mobile by Nokia. But we don’t have any other option except waiting for it, so let’s just wait!

Note: We also know that After releasing the N0kia X2 2020, the Nokia company also released “X2” series smartphone and their name such as Nokia X2 Max 2020, Nokia X2 Plus 2020, Nokia X2 Premium 2020, Nokia X2 Prime 2020, Nokia X2 Pro Max 2020, etc. When, above mobile official news available, we also write single content for every smartphone.

Nokia X2 2020 Specs

We think it’s better to start with the design. Almost everyone knows, Nokia hires the best UX/UI designers for designing their phones. That’s why Nokia X2 has a very stylish outlook. So when you will use it, your friends and relatives will be eager to touch the mobile.

Now it’s time to talk about another stylish thing on this mobile and that is the display. It’s the sharpest display you will ever get. Let’s be a bit specific. This mobile offers a 6.4-inch IPS LCD with a resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels display.

So no wonder what you are watching on this mobile, you will love it for sure.  If you are concerned about the display, then actually you are being that without any reason. That’s because this mobile includes Corning Gorilla Glass 6 screen protector.

Time to know the details of the processor. Nokia X2 includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus cheapest just for your better experience. Undoubtedly you will love the experience of using this mobile. Another important thing about this mobile is the operating system. So Nokia X2 runs on Android Q operating system. Surely the mobile will be super-fast.

Nokia X2 2020: RAM, ROM, Memory, Camera & Battery Info

After talking about those things, we think it’s better to share the details of RAM and ROM. This very latest mobile includes 10GB/ 12GB ROM inside it. When it comes to storage, and then please wait to hear something unexpected. Because you are going to get 256GB/ 512GB ROM. So you will be able to pick the one, which you need. Even you can expand the size by using a micro SD card up to 1TB.

You might be thinking about the camera, right? This mobile offers 64MP primary lens + 48MP ultra-wide sensor + 8MP wide lens + 16MP depth sensor back camera for you. So surely, every single photo of yours will be all about pure class.

Not only is the back camera, but the front camera also superb. Nokia X2 includes a 32MP front camera for you. It’s not only about the selfies actually, but you will also get a great experience while doing video calls and so on.

So don’t you think this mobile just includes too much facility? Obviously yes. To run all these specs fluently, a high power battery is needed. Nokia also understands it. That’s why Nokia X2 includes a 6000mAh battery. So once you will charge it, it will long, surely long.

Nokia X2 2020 Price

Comparing with the specs, the price of the mobile is not that much actually. The probable price of the mobile will be at least $950. Hope you are going to have a really good experience while using this mobile.

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